RENEWED CREATIVE is a boutique design studio headed by Deirdre Edwards, offering clients a wide variety of graphic design and marketing services. Deirdre’s passion for design started early as her mother was a talented designer, artist and calligrapher. With over 20 years of industry experience in various roles, Renewed Creative has the perfect combination of experience, talent and passion to deliver all of their clients needs. 

Graphic Design

Design is everywhere, whether bold and in your face or muted within the details, it's there. Some go through life unaware of its presence yet are still impacted by it subconsciously. Others, they are unable to decide between the salad or the burger for lunch because the menu is too chaotic to process and they just need to recreate it and fast. Design is crucial.


What is marketing? Identifying your potential and ideal client base - then presenting them with your product/services in a pure and concise manner. It's one thing to have a groundbreaking idea or impactful product, but if you can't get it in front of the right people it will all be for nothing. Marketing minds see behind the scenes and in between the details to make that happen.

Social Media

The influential power of social media is unparalleled to marketing tools of the past. This ever-evolving facet of brand identity is crucial in todays marketplace.

Print Shop

Deirdre's passion for art is brought over from the corporate side of the business to her original art in the print shop. Inspirational and fun pieces to express her joy.